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Book Releases

Book Releases

Monday 13th of September, three book releases were annonced at an event arranged by the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. The three books were released as part of the celebration of NTNU's 100-year anniversity.

The books released are only available in Norwegian at present:

  • 100 år med matematikk i Trondheim - Magne Brekke Rabben
  • Kraft og kommunikasjon. Elektroteknisk avdeling ved NTH/NTNU 1910-2010 - Ragnhild Green Helgås
  • Verktøy og vitenskap. Datahistorien ved NTNU - Ola Nordal

The Dean of the faculty, Geir Øien, gave a short introduction to each of the authors. Author Magne Brekke Rabben presented his work on the book about the history of mathematics at NTNU. Ragnhild Green Helgås presented her book about the history of telecommunication and electronics at NTNU/NTH, and Ola Nordal (in photo) presented his book about the history of computer science at NTNU.

After the presentation by the authors, Rector at NTNU, Torbjørn Digernes, gave a short talk about his relations to the computer history and the history of NTNU. Afterwards former leader of Regnesentret, Norman Sanders, and Professor Emeritus Inge Johansen shared some historical reflections and stories.

Photos from the event (Flickr)

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 14.09.2010     
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