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NR Best Master Thesis Award 2010

NR Best Master Thesis Award 2010

Wednesday 3rd of November, the second Norsk Regnesentral (NR) prize for best master thesis in mathematics and ICT at NTNU was awarded at Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering's annual celebration.

The winner for 2009-2010 is Lester Solbakken from our department. He received the prize of NOK 25 000 and diploma from NR's Managing director Lars Holden. Professor Keith Downing was the supervisor for Lester's master thesis.

Lester Solbakken’s master’s thesis, Fuzzy Oscillations, makes a significant contribution to artificial intelligence by proposing a simple, elegant model of oscillatory spiking behavior that abstracts away the myriad details of these intricate neural interactions while maintaining the critical essence.  Lester uses this model to perform accurate and efficient separation and segmentation of visual image data, achieving very promising results.

The thesis is extremely well crafted in terms of language usage, technical content, data presentation/visualization and general organization. The work has been published in the proceedings of The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks.

The winner's master thesis is an example of first class research, finding solutions to very challenging problems.

Photos from the prize event (Flickr).

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Keith Downing, Lester Solbakken and Lars Holden

From left to right: Keith Downing, Lester Solbakken, and Lars Holden with the NR prize and diploma.

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 04.11.2010     
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