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ArtDig: Trondheim

ArtDig: Trondheim

Friday 21st of January, the ArtDig Trondheim application for Android was launched. The application is designed to give an overview of technological art in Trondheim. By using GPS and maps you can easily find different art installations around the city, and dig into the background information for each installation.

The concept is unique, as this is the first application developed for technological art in Trondheim. ArtDig Trondheim is a product of the Information Technology for Creativity, Culture and Co-operation village's work in the Experts in Teamwork course. Professor Letizia Jaccheri was the leader of this village. The application is a new piece of Letizia's ArTe project (in Norwegian) puzzle.

The development team consisted of students from very different backgrounds (medicine, architecture, phycology - just to name a few). This special blend of interests, knowledge and skills produced the unique ArtDig Trondheim application.

The goal of the Experts in Teamwork group was to develop an application that makes technological art more available to the public. Open Source tools and principles were used in the development of the Android application, and the students hope that someone will pick up the project and develop it further.

Staff and students had gathered for the presentation. Afterwards, when refreshments were served, the dialog and testing of the new Android application commenced.

Photos from the presentation (Flickr).

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 24.01.2011     
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