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Disputation Gasparas Jarulaitis

Disputation Gasparas Jarulaitis

2nd of March, Gasparas Jarulaitis completed his trial lecture and thesis defense. He will eventually be awarded the PhD degree. Professor Eric Monteiro supervised Gasparas' PhD work at the Design and Use of Information Systems research group. Senior Advicer Knut-Helge Ronæs Rolland and Professor Letizia Jaccheri have co-supervised the PhD work.

Gasparas' trial lecture was titled: Strengths and weaknesses of 'local' and 'practice' approaches within information systems research for the study of integration.

Gasparas defended his PhD thesis:
Characterising integration in practice: A case study of collaborative infrastructure (pdf)

Photo: Torstein Elias L.Hjelle

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 03.03.2011     
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