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Excursion to Japan Cancelled

Excursion to Japan Cancelled

Tokyo was the destination for the 70 students and 2 staff members of this year's excursion. Every year the 3rd class of the computer science students go an excursion to explore computer firms and technology abroad. The excursion to Japan was cancelled due to the current situation.

On April 4th, the XCom11 committee, Rune Sætre and Lillian Røstad decided to cancel the excursion to Japan, due to the current situation and the advice (in Norwegian) given by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and locally by NTNU.

They are now in the process of finding alternatives for the students. Two destinations and three different departure times are reviewed. The destinations discussed are Tokyo and California, and the departure times considered are: August this year, or January or Easter next year.

The students will vote for the different options. The vote will close on Friday 8th of April. Japan has been the destination for the excursion the last 5 years. The high technology adaptation in the Japanese society, and the high density of top computer technology firms, make Japan a popular choice.

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 05.04.2011     
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