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Popular Codeslinging Contest

Popular Codeslinging Contest

On Saturday 2nd of April, the IDI Open 2011 programming contest took place at NTNU with a record breaking 139 teams. 106 of the teams and 250+ participants competed on site, and 33 teams competed online. The number of on site participants meant that two floors had to be used to accommondate all. In comparison, last year's record was 92 teams, and 250+ participants in total.

The 33 teams competed online, from as far away as Århus in Denmark, the University of Bergen, the University of Oslo, the University of Stavanger, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the Sofia University, University of California - Berkeley, the University of Toronto, Zurich and Dupnitza.

The winners of IDI Open 2011 was the professional Apa team from Toronto, which solved all of the ten problems. They were closely followed by the pro team ! c[_] from Stockholm. The first student team, espr1t from Sofia, came in 3rd place. There were 45 attempts on solving the Treasure Hunt problem, but only Apa solved it.

The best Norwegian student team (2nd best student team in total), was Wheres the pizza from Bergen. It was closely followed by 3 student teams from NTNU; The Dining Philosophers and O(1) med veldig høy konstantfaktor, which both solved 6 of 10 problems, and Sponset av Hallgeir which solved 5 of 10 problems. Details can be found at the IDI Open high score list.

The best student teams become the favorites for qualifying for the NWERC (Northwestern European Regional Contest) this autumn.

IDI congratulate the winners, and hope all the contestants had fun programming.

Photos from the IDI Open 2011 event (by Lise Bulling and Anja Ziolkowski)

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 08.04.2011     
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