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Disputation Dragana Laketic

Disputation Dragana Laketic

26th of August, Dragana Laketic completed her trial lecture and thesis defense. She will eventually be awarded the PhD degree. Professor Pauline Haddow supervised the first half of the PhD, and Associate Professor Gunnar Tufte supervised the second half of Dragana's PhD work at the Computer Architecture and Design research group. Adjunct Associate Professor Snorre Aunet co-supervised the first half of the PhD, and Professor Trond Ytterdal the last part of the PhD work.

Dragana's trial lecture was titled: The pros and cons of bio-inspiration applied to hardware engineering.

Dragana defended her PhD thesis:
A Novel Framework for Achieving Adaptation in Man-Made Systems Inspired by the Organisation of Living Systems (pdf)

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 30.08.2011     
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