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itDAGENE 2011 v2.0

itDAGENE 2011 v2.0

From 19th to 20th of September, itDAGENE took place at NTNU for the 2nd time this year. ItDAGENE is usually an annual event, and it is the first time the event has been held in the autumn.

The executive committee of itDAGENE listened to feedback from companies and students and moved the event to the autumn. A spring event gave precious little time to process applications for summer internships and jobs.

The autumn event was a success as a total of 66 companies were represented this time around. Each day, 37 stands tried to get hold of the brightest IT-students. 15 of 66 companies were at itDAGENE for the first time. The stand reservation, which opened in April 2011, was full after one month.

itDAGENE has been an annual event since 1999. The event is a great arena where firms and students can build relationships that may lead to a summer job or a position at the firm, later on.

A group of 3rd year students from Computer Science and Communication Technology co-ordinate and arrange itDAGENE. This event is the primary source of income for the 3rd year student's excursion.

Photos from itDAGENE 2011 v2.0 (Flickr).

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 21.09.2011     
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