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New Professor within Computer Graphics

New Professor within Computer Graphics

On October 1st, Theoharis Theoharis commenced his Professorship in computer and information science with a special focus on Computer Graphics.

Research Career

Theoharis’ research career begun in 1985 at the University of Oxford where he investigated the formal use of parallel processing techniques in the graphics pipeline, using the formal languages CSP and Z and implementations on the Transputer using OCCAM, as part of his MSc thesis. He subsequently continued in a more practical direction, investigating parallel algorithms for computer graphics (forefathers of the ones found on today’s GPUs), leading to his doctoral thesis at Oxford in 1988. In 1987 he was appointed Research Fellow at Cambridge University where he worked on parallel algorithms for computer graphics as well as algorithms for an early three-dimensional display until 1990.

After a brief career as a sailor (1990-1991) and IT consultant with Andersen consulting (1992-1993) he returned to research and teaching in 1993 when he joined the University of Athens. At Athens he worked (among others) on geometrical algorithms for computer graphics, multi-resolution models, the reconstruction of broken objects from their constituent parts (with archaeological applications), 3D biometrics and 3D object retrieval. He has supervised 8 completed doctoral dissertations in the above fields.

The 3D biometrics work is joint with the University of Houston, where he has an adjunct appointment since 2007 and the produced system (URXD) achieved the top 3D Face Recognition result in US NIST’s Face Recognition Grand Challenge.

Theoharis has (co)-authored a number of textbooks, the most recent of which, Graphics and Visualization, will be used for teaching at NTNU.

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 18.10.2011     
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