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The Norwegian Cancer Society Funding Bioinformatic Research

The Norwegian Cancer Society Funding Bioinformatic Research

Professor Pål Sætrom is one of twelve researchers at St. Olav hospital and NTNU, to receive funding from The Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen).

Pål Sætrom's research project, Dynamics of histone modifications during DNA replication, focuses on the replication process of DNA. DNA can be viewed as the body's cookbook. Each cell has the same cookbook, but which recipe is used determines what kind of cell to create. Cancer develops both from changes in recipes, and changes to how a cell reads the recipe.

The determining factors of how a cell reads the cookbook, are called epigenetic factors. Little is currently known about how epigenetic factors are copied, and Sætrom's research project seeks to better our understanding of how epigenetic changes can come into being. The research project will specifically investigate how epigenetic factors, called histone modifications, are copied.

Learn more about the funding of cancer research in Adressa (in Norwegian).

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 11.11.2011     
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