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Online's Quadranscentennial Anniversary

Online's Quadranscentennial Anniversary

Saturday 12th of November, 198 members, former members and friends gathered at Prinsen hotel to celebrate Online's 25 years anniversary.

After some research, Online's 25 year history turned out to be 26 years. However, in true programming spirit Online solved the issue by starting the year count at 0. The founder of Online, Ole Andre Brevik (in picture), was present at the anniversary. In his talk, Brevik shed some light on the early history of Online, and the ideas behind its existence.

The story behind Online's creation will be presented in the next issue of Offline (Online's magazine), which will be published in the first quarter of 2012.

The department congratulates Online with the anniversary!

Photos from the event (Flickr).

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 17.11.2011     
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