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NOK 10 Million to the Digital Oil Research Project

NOK 10 Million to the Digital Oil Research Project

Professor Eric Monteiro has landed NOK 10 million in funding for his Digital oil (Doil) research project. Monteiro's research project was one of only six projects to receive funding. It was chosen in hard competition among the 101 project applications sent to the VERDIKT programme.

The Research Council of Norway used international experts to evaluate the project applications for their VERDIKT programme. VERDIKT is a research programme, which aims to aid in the development of the Internet of the Future. The Digital oil project builds upon two of the three themes of the VERDIKT programme; Social networks, and the Internet of Things.

The name, Digital oil, is based on the use of sensors to generate data from oil and gas wells. More than 50% of the oil produced on the Norwegian continental shelf today is drilled from unmanned subsea wells, which only provide data through sensors and measurement devices.

A core project aim is to develop an in-depth understanding of theoretical and actual risks related to sensor-based data management. By doing so, the project will contribute to the discussions on automation in the gas and oil industry.

The Digital oil project is a joint effort with Statoil and the Center for Integrated Operations in the Petrolium Industry (IO center) at NTNU. Eric Monteiro hopes that the project will be a catalyst in collaboration between the department, Statoil and the IO center.

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Illustration: Statoil

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 16.12.2011     
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