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Tore Amble Passed Away at Age 66

Tore Amble Passed Away at Age 66

The department has lost a dear staff member and an outstanding expert of natural language processing and logic. Tore Amble died last week, at age 66. Tore Amble was mostly known for his work on BussTuc, which most bus commuters know as Bussorakelet (The Bus Oracle).

Amble's work on the  interpretation of natural language text has not gone unnoticed, and it reflects a formidable effort and devotion. The BussTuc system, a manifestation of decades of research into natural language processing, uses an extensive knowledge base and a logic-based grammar approach to deal with intricate route questions about the public bus transport system in Trondheim. BussTuc was one of the core products when LingIT, a computational linguistics company in Trondheim, was founded in 2001.

Amble's work on logic formalisms in natural language processing was unique in an international perspective. 

A trace of Tore Amble's personality still shines through the Bussoraklet system. Personality is part of natural language. If you ask Bussoraklet the right questions, it will answer in a polite, but often witty way.

Tore Amble was working on BussTuc and supervising Master and PhD candidates until the very end. The department is determined to continue the development of the BussTuc system - it will live on.

The department wish to thank Tore Amble for his work with our students and his contribution to IDI's teaching and research. Thank you, Tore Amble. You will be missed.

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 13.03.2012     
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