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2nd Place in Technoport Mission Rio

2nd Place in Technoport Mission Rio

The Wild for Water group, in Professor Letizia Jaccheri's Water! Social Change through New Media Experts in Teamwork (EiT) village, won 2nd place in the Technoport Mission Rio contest. The group won a trip to Copenhagen where they are invited to the "Grøn dyst" student conference.

The focus of the Technoport Mission Rio has been to solve climatic challenges with sustainable use of technology. Technoport Mission Rio started in early January with 800 students in 160 groups. 19 of those groups had stands at Technoport. Both the Wild for Water group and the Trå for vann group in Letizia Jaccheri's EiT village were among the top four nominated groups.

The Wild for Water group consisted of: Anette Skoglund, Kristian Rutlin, Louise Gabrielsen Sletta, Ole Mikkel Sjølie, Sabine Relling Nielsen and Siri Einarsdatter Minothi.

The department congratulates all the EiT students and Jaccheri!

Photos from the EiT village's presentation earlier this year (Flickr)

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 19.04.2012     
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