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IDI Open 2012

IDI Open 2012

On Saturday 21st of April, the IDI Open 2012 programming contest took place at NTNU with a 127 teams competing for fame and glory. 87 teams and 230+ participants competed on site, while 40 teams competed online.

The 40 teams competed online, from as far away as Hong Kong, California in USA, Toulouse in France, Minsk in White Russia, and Århus in Denmark. In Norway, the University of Bergen (UiB) and the University of Oslo (UiO) had teams online. IDI Open also had a team of international students onsite this year.

The winners of IDI Open 2012 was the professional Followers of Stroustrup team from Århus, which solved 8 of the ten problems. They were closely followed by the One Man Army (Rune Fevang) team from Santa Clara in California and Toadstool from UiO which both solved 7 problems. The top three teams were all professional teams.

The best onsite team was The Dining Philosophers, sponsored by Gunnar Inge (Edvard Karlsen, Karl Johan Vekamoen Heimark, Magne Vikjord), which solved 5 problems and won 9th place. 2b||!2b (Jean Niklas L'orange, Christer Bru, Vegard Edvardsen) was second best onsite, and Binary Sudoku Solvers (Simen Natvig, Bjørn Rustad) was third best onsite.

Best girl team was Team Me (Cecilie Haugstvedt), and the best first year student team was Sleep (-1) (Aleksander Wasaznik). Details can be found at the IDI Open high score list.

IDI congratulate the winners, and hope all the contestants had fun programming.

Photos from the IDI Open 2012 event (Flickr).

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 24.04.2012     
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