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Creating an Interactive Library Experience

Creating an Interactive Library Experience

Wednesday 25th of April, the Mubil village presented their experts in teamwork (EiT) projects. The projects developed software which will be used to create an interactive library experience at the Gunnerus Library at NTNU.

The four groups in the village presented their projects:

  • Gamle Tangenter - an interactive computer game where you learn to play the keyboard.
  • Hans Lilienskiolds reisejournal - software for tweeting and recreating events from the past on Twitter and blog. The tweets can link to blog entries which eleborate the story.
  • Mubil gjestebok - a digital guestbook for the library.
  • Dirigent Helt - an interactive computer game where you are the conductor of an orchestra.

Lecturer Roberta Proto has been the leader of Professor Letizia Jaccheri's EiT village. The Mubil village focused on development of software for a digital laboratory at Gunnerus. The library wishes to present library content in an engaging and interactive way to school childeren.

The Gamle Tangenter and Dirigent Helt computer games used ancient music scores from the Gunnerus Library for all of the music in the games. The projects' design also tried to capture "that Gunnerus feeling", according to one of the students.

Photos from the EiT presentation (Flickr)

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 26.04.2012     
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