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GEMINI Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

GEMINI Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

11th of May marked the opening of the new GEMINI center for Applied Artificial Intelligence. Staff and partners from both the SINTEF and the department gathered to celebrate the opening. This center is one of the four new SINTEF GEMINI centers for the 2012 - 2015 period.

The aim of GEMINI centers is for parallel research communities to build larger research communities of higher quality. Research topics within the center will be:

  • Knowledge Based Systems (KBS)
  • Language Technology
  • Self Organizing Systems

The center will apply artificial intelligence within the fields of:

  • Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • Medical Decision Support Systems
  • Real Time Analysis of Streamed Data
  • Data Analysis and Decision Support for Oil Drilling

People from left to right: Agnar Aamodt (NTNU), Anders Kofod-Petersen (SINTEF / NTNU), Helge Langseth (NTNU) and Marius Mikalsen (SINTEF ICT)


By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 14.05.2012     
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