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IME's 10 Year Anniversary

IME's 10 Year Anniversary

Wednesday 30th of May, the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME) celebrated it's 10 year anniversary. The IME conference was filled with the Accenture Lab opening, talks and lectures, good mood and food, panel debates, jazz, stands, awards, two agreements signed and the final of the IME Wordfeud competition.

The opening of the Accenture Lab by Dean Geir Øien (NTNU) and Director of Innovation, Learning and Technology, Kirsti Kierulf (Accenture) was a great start of the day. The Accenture Lab has been redecorated and refurnished by Accenture, and they have added voice activated video-conferencing capabilities to allow students to easily connect to Accenture offices and other academic partners around the world.

After the lab opening, the co-operation between Accenture and NTNU was formalized when the Agreement on Academic and Research Education was signed by Geir Øien and Kirsti Kierulf. The objective of the Agreement is to strengthen and develop further ongoing academic co-operation in the areas of research and education.

The conference then commenced with talks, food, jazz and stands displaying research from the IME departments. The Faculty aims to improve the communication and co-operation with the industry that employs our students after they have finished their education.

Later in the day, Dean Gear Øien (NTNU) and Chief Executive Officer Olav Folkestad (BEKK) signed an Agreement on Academic and Research Education to formalize the ongoing co-operation between BEKK and NTNU. The agreement includes collaboration on PhD candidates, master students, projects, education, research and recruitment of students.

Olav Folkestad then awarded 7 students (Erik Bergersen, Jaroslav Fibichr, Sondre Johan Mannsverk, Terje Snarby, Even Wiik Thomassen, Lars Solvoll Tønder and Sigurd Wien) the BEKK Fagpris 2012 Award for their project in Kundestyrt prosjekt (customer driven project). The winners each received an iPad and a tour to the BEKK Fagdag (conference) in Oslo.

The IME Wordfeud final was next on the agenda. Associate Professor Hallvard Trætteberg and Dean Geir Øien competed in the final. A chess clock kept track of each contestant's time. In the end, Hallvard won the time constrained Wordfeud game. Håkon Bertheussen, creator of Wordfeud, awarded Hallvard the iPad that was the price for the IME competition. From BEKK Hallvard was awarded a Nokia Lumia 800 mobile and some other gear.

We wish to congratulate the winners, and congratulate IME with the 10 year anniversary!

Photos from the IME conference (Flickr).

Photos from the IME conference

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 04.06.2012     
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