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Researchers' Night 2012

Researchers' Night 2012

Friday 28th of September, the 8th Researchers' Night event took place at NTNU. 1100 high school students had signed up for an interesting night at the university; with 31 stands, 7 lectures, and 3 lab excursions, which presented some of the ongoing research at NTNU.

The doors opened at 20:00 and fireworks marked the end of the event, around 23:30. The Researchers' Night event is part of the Norwegian Science Week (forskningsdagene), which is a nationwide annual event held to bring research and science to the public.

This year IDI was represented with three stands:

  1. Associate Professor Anne C. Elster, PhD candidate Rune Erlend Jensen and her students from the Algorithms, HPC and Graphics research group had demos. One was how small super computers can be used for real time 3D simulations of millions of snow particles.
  2. Professor Pauline Haddow, Adjunct Associate Professor Anders Kofod-Petersen, PhD candidate Gleb Sizov, PhD candidate Vinay Gautam, PhD candidate Kai Olav Ellefsen and AI-master students presented how artificial intelligence can be used to control robots and intelligent traffic lights.
  3. Professor Alf Inge Wang (photo) demonstrated the Lecture Quiz computer game.

Photos from Researchers' Night (Flickr)

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 02.10.2012     
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