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CUDA Research Center

CUDA Research Center

NVIDIA has recognized NTNU and Associate Professor Anne C. Elster's HPC lab as a research group that are expanding the frontier of massively parallel computing. For their work, NTNU is now one of the few institutions that both has been identified as a CUDA Research Center and a CUDA Teaching Center.

NVIDIA recently announced 22 New CUDA Research and Teaching Centers worldwide. NTNU was one of the eight new Research Centers. NTNU became a CUDA Teaching Center last year. According to NVIDIA, institutions recognized as a CUDA Research Center are doing world-changing research by leveraging CUDA and NVIDIA GPUs.

The CUDA Research Centers receive the following benefits:

  • Invitation to a recurring event, held exclusively for CUDA Research Centers and CUDA Centers of Excellence, bringing together researchers from many fields and key NVIDIA engineers and researchers.
  • Priority for pre-release access to hardware and software.
  • Automatic inclusion in GPU seeding program for each major new NVIDIA GPU.
  • Live online training sessions jointly tailored for the institution.
  • Designated NVIDIA personnel to serve as technical liaison.
  • Special pricing on NVIDIA equipment (limits and exclusions apply). Check with NVIDIA TPPs for the special pricing.
  • Joint promotion, public relations, and press activities with NVIDIA.

CUDA graphics cards

PhD candidate Jan Christian Meyer with some of the graphics card NVIDIA donated to the HPC-teaching lab last year. In addition, NTNU will receive a new K20 Tesla card and several more 480GTX Graphics cards, as well as several CUDA textbooks.

Illustration: NVIDIA
Photo: Kai T. Dragland

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 26.11.2012     
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