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Disputation Jan Christian Meyer

Disputation Jan Christian Meyer

10th of Desember, Jan Christian Meyer completed his trial lecture and thesis defense. He will eventually be awarded the PhD degree. Associate Professor Anne Cathrine Elster supervised Jan Christian's PhD work at the Algorithms, HPC and Graphics research group. Professor Lasse Natvig and Adjunct Associate Professor Jørn Amundsen have co-supervised the PhD work.

The committee appointed to evaluate his thesis, trial lecture and defense consisted of; Senior Research Scientist Emmanuel Jeannot (INRIA Bordeaux, France), Associate Professor John Markus Bjørndalen (University of Tromsø, Norway) and Adjunct Associate Professor Frank Lindseth (NTNU). Frank Lindseth was also the administrator of the assessment committee.

Jan Christian's trial lecture was titled: Computer Performance in a Historical Perspective: Driving Forces and Future Challenges and Possibilities.

He defended his PhD thesis:
Performance Modeling of Heterogeneous Systems (pdf)

Jan Christian Meyer completed the disputation on his birthday - so Happy Birthday, Dr. Meyer!

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 12.12.2012     
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