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Axel Tidemann to the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö

Axel Tidemann to the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö

Post Doctoral Fellow Axel Tidemann was the groovy drummer on stage with Margaret Berger when she won the Norwegian final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Margaret Berger had a big win with the song I Feed You My Love (iTunes). The song is currently #1 on the iTunes single chart.

Margaret Berger and Axel Tidemann will be travelling to Malmö in medio May to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest final. Axel has been Margaret's drummer for the last five years. On stage, he uses a Macbook for triggering samples from his electronic drumkit, in addition to backing tracks.

Being a drummer has definitely influenced Axel's research at the Intelligent Systems group. It was his supervisor who recommended using a spare time interest as a main ingredient in his PhD research. 

In his PhD research Axel used artificial intelligence (AI) to model different drumming play styles. This made Axel more aware of his own playing style, and the styles used by other drummers. Axel defended his PhD thesis A Groovy Virtual Drummer: Learning by Imitation Using a Self-Organizing Connectionist Architecture (pdf) in the autumn of 2009.

I Feed You My Love (YouTube, by NRK)

Axel Tidemann

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 12.02.2013     
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