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IDI Open 2013

IDI Open 2013

The IDI Open 2013 programming contest took place at NTNU this Saturday. A total of 122 teams had registered for the programming competition, and this year an onsite team won!

There were 10 problem sets this year. The "D" and "E" problems were solved by almost everyone! Problem "A" was the next one in line of the easy problem sets, followed by "G", "B" and "J" respectively. The only team who solved the "I" problem set was the cqfd team (Tor Gunnar Houeland and Andreas Oppebøen). They won the IDI Open competition this year!

Of the students onsite, 2b||!2b (Christer Bru, Jean Niklas L'orange and Vegard Edvardsen) won, followed by ogralotag (Lars Sættem and Benjamin Bjørnseth) and randomnames.get(randomGenerator.nextInt(randomnames.size())) (Jørgen Nordmoen, Trond Østensen and Ola Martin Tiseth Støvneng) in third place. The top three student teams all solved six problem.

Details can be found at the IDI Open high score list.

IDI congratulate the winners, and hope all the contestants had fun programming :-)

Photos from the IDI Open 2013 event (Flickr).


By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 22.04.2013     
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