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Intelligent Traffic Lights on NRK Newton

Intelligent Traffic Lights on NRK Newton

On Tuesday 25th of June, NRK Newton visited NTNU to record the story about how intelligent traffic lights can aid us in the future.

The story is based on the intelligent traffic lights prototypes developed at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research group. Adjunct Associate Professor Anders Kofod-Petersen, former master student Jostein Klakegg and master student Christian Skjetne from the AI-group aided the TV crew from NRK.

Jostein Klakegg has just finished his master thesis at the AI research group. His work on "Pedestrian Classification in Intelligent Traffic Lights" in the master thesis was used to train the artificial intelligence to recognize pedestrians, kids and wheel chairs. The AI analyzes body positions, speeds and directions to determine how to efficiently route the traffic.

The NRK Newton program is scheduled to be aired in October. We are looking forward to the result.

Behind the scene photos of the filming (Flickr)

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 17.07.2013     
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