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Computer Design Project 2013

Computer Design Project 2013

On Wednesday 20th of November, the TDT4295 Computer Design Project students presented the results of this year´s work. Following the trend from last year the course was very popular this year as well. Trippeling the number of students attending compared to earlier years.

The twenty students who took the course were divided into two groups, which were given the task to construct a multiple instruction multiple data (MIMD) -based multiprocessor. One group was told to focus on performance at any cost, while the other group should to focus on energy efficiency.

The students started from scratch by designing a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Then they designed and implemented their own processor architecture in a Xilinx FPGA. A microcontroller from Silicon Labs was used to handle I/O.

The performance group named their system Barricelli after the Norwegian-Italian mathematician. Besides being a general computer the Barricelli system is designed to be a high performance parallel genetic algorithm computer.

In the energy efficiency group the main team was audio processing. The project was named Bitless. The Bitless systeem is an energy efficient MIMD architecture aimed at real time digital audio processing.

Barricelli was designed and built by: Eirik Flogard, Fedor Fadeev, Peter Gambos, Emil Tyler Bye, Rune Holmgren, Torbjørn Langland, Per Thomas Lundal, Bjørn Åge Tungesvik, Sigve Sebastian Farstad and Odd Magnus Trondrud.

Bitless was designed and built by: Kristian Klomsten Skordal, Jakob Dagsland Knutsen, Hanna Holler Kamperud, Håvard Wormdal Høiby, Runar Bergheim Olsen, Magnus Halvorsen, Olav Emil Eiksund, Christian Chavez, Sondre Lefsaker and Terje Runde.

The students were supervised by Gunnar Tufte (coordinator), Stefano Nichele and Yaman Umuroglu.

By: Gunnar Tufte     Published: 29.11.2013     
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