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Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest 2007

Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest 2007

The Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest 2007 was arranged on the 6th of October. Java the ^ from NTNU was the best student team and managed to solve all 9 problems, which isn't even intended to be doable in the 5 hour contest.

The non-student team Three-Headed Monkey from KTH was the only other team to solve 9 problems and became the best team in the open class division, having completed the problem set faster than Java the ^.

A total of 4 teams from NTNU are advancing to the regional Northwestern European Programming Contest in Utrecht in November. The national organizing committee sponsors the top two teams and the best young team, which were all from NTNU, and IDI sponsors the fourth best team.

By: Tor Gunnar HÝst Houeland     Published: 06.10.2007     
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