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The students have done the impossible again. It should not be possible to build a working computer from scratch in just 3 months. But no one told the students - so they did it.

The presentation of the annual Computer Design Project was held on Thursday last week. Every year they integrate new technologies in their computer design. This year the project group implemented HDMI-support for the first time. Their demo displayed a hardware based screen saver.

The assignment was to create a GPU-inspired architecture. A challenge the group of 9 students rose to. They have been hard at work building the computer from the ground up. The participants build a custom computer including the circuit board design and soldering the hardware components onto the board. The demonstration ran on an FPGA and a minimal software stack.

The Computer Design Project (TDT4295 Datamaskinprosjekt) is a project course held by the CARD research group.

Overview of previous projects.

Photos from the presentation (Flickr)

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 20.11.2014     
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