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The Wall

The Wall

Not the Pink Floyd song, but an electronic wall consisting of 96 circuit boards. Each board has 25 leds. The wall has been buildt as part of the interdiciplinary project Eksperter i Team. Three different project groups have been involved in the development of the wall and  software. The wall is a creative tool for artists to be able to display different content. One goal of the project is to challenge the concept of openess, both open software and open artistic content.

Professor Maria Letizia Jaccheri is the Village leader of the Art and Software village, and the manager of the wall project. The project was initiated by architect Åsmund Gamlesæter in 2005 and an installation consisting of the same hardware components was constructed.

The wall produces different light patterns depending on the input from computer programs. One group has made a program which monitors the sounds and activity level in the meetingroom, and displayed a ECG hearth puls to reflect the rooms activity on the wall.

Another group has implemented a Flash program which animats a rabbit on the wall (video). The rabbit interacts with the sounds in the room; falling asleep when the room is silent, or jumping about when the room is  noisy. Whistling in the correct tone will produce a carrot for the rabbit.

The third group reflected about the wall and its open source and creative possibilities by using Steal This Book, written by Abbie Hoffman in 1970.

Video: Dag Svanæs

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 31.01.2008     
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