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Overloaded Publishing Infrastructure?

Overloaded Publishing Infrastructure?

Authors of journal papers in Computer Science (CS) have experienced that it can take a year or more in queue to have an accepted and print-ready paper finally published. Professor Reidar Conradi says this is an unacceptable, almost unbelievable situation.

One of the main reasons is the increased volume of paper submissions. Most universities  nowadays are awarding internal research funds based on research production, i.e. published papers and especially in prestigeous journals like IEEE TSE and ACM TOSEM.

The research production is overloading the publication infrastructure. ACM TOSEM, for example, comes with four issues per year and with 3-4 papers (ca. 100 pages) per issue. In Febrary 2008 there were 24 print-ready papers in queue, meaning more than 1.5 year's delay for the last ones!  The publishing delay comes in addition to an often lenghty review and rewrite process. So research results in CS often become 3-5 years old before being published in a journal paper.

In contrast, Mathematics and Medicine both appear to have twice as many publication channels (mostly journals) per faculty member than CS.

Read the full story about Reidar Conradi and research publications Universitetsavisa (in Norwegian).

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 12.03.2008     
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