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Want to Build Your Own Robot?

Want to Build Your Own Robot?

Now you can! The kind folks at the Artifical Intelligence research group have released a tutorial and the details needed to build your very own ChIRP robot.

ChIRP stands for CHeap and Interchangeable Robotic Platform. The folks working on the ChIRP project have designed a platform for swarm robotics. The platform provides the core functionality needed for swarm robots, and it allows you to add additional features later on.

The robot is also intended as a teaching platform, down to primary school students. THE ChIRP robots have already been used at Researchers' Night to spark interest in computer science, artificial intelligence and robots. They are also demonstrated regularly when school classes come to visit the department.

Building instructions, software and 3D printing schematics are available at the ChIRP website

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 24.01.2014     
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