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An EU Project AMIDST Us

An EU Project AMIDST Us

The EU project Analysis of MassIve Data STreams (AMIDST) aims to develop a scalable tool for efficient prediction and decision support based on information automatically detected in streaming data.

AMIDST is a cooperation between Aalborg University (Denmark), Universidad de Almeria (Spain), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Hugin Expert A/S (Denmark), Daimler AG (Germany), Verdande Technology (Norway) and Cajas Rurales Unidas Sociedad Cooperativa de Credito (Spain).

The project runs over three years (2014 - 2016) and it has a total budget of EUR 3,922,756. IDI has a 25% share of the project budget.

Our department is responsible for designing new methods for learning efficient computational representations of the information found in the data streams. Our development will focus on using a mathematical modeling framework called Bayesian Networks, where new and efficient methodological inventions are required to be able to keep track of the massive data arriving at high speed.

Application Areas

The project entertains three quite different application areas:

  1. Creating better warning systems that alert motorists to a collision
  2. Making banks aware of the risk of losses on bad customers
  3. Telling oil companies about potential problems while drilling new wells

The chosen areas ensure a wide applicability of the developed software. The software will be released as open source at the end of the project.

Our Project Team

Professor Helge Langseth, Postdoc Sigve Hovda and Postdoc Andrés Masegosa from our department will take part in the AMIDST project.

Learn more about the AMIDST project at the project website.

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 05.06.2014     
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