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Reaknostart Computer Game Competition

Reaknostart Computer Game Competition

Friday 22nd of August, the new computer science and informatics students gathered for the annual computer game competition which marked the end of their two week Reaknostart (Teknostart and Realstart) event.

The competition marked the end of two weeks where they have been working in groups to develop computer games and learning about group dynamics. The teaching assistants nominated ten computer games for a final demonstration, and a student vote.

The ten nominated games presented on Friday were:

  1. Peace Up
  2. Pingu
  3. Red vs Blue
  4. The Lord of the Ring v1.0
  5. NTNU Adventures
  6. NTNU Run
  7. Flib Flabbidy
  8. Planet Guard
  9. .doc Hunt
  10. Snake Garden

The winner of this year's competition was NTNU Adventures, created by Matias Varnum Christensen, Marit Gjøstøl Ytterland, Jenny Stange Johansen, Hege Haavaldsen, Asbjørn Fintland Lystrup, Jonas Dammen, and Tomas Slagstad. The Lord of the Ring v1.0 came in second place and Flib Flabbidy and Planet Guard tied for third.

List of all games

By: Pål Sætrom     Published: 25.08.2014     
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