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Ready for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data?

Ready for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data?

At the end of November the Research Council of Norway announced 17 new Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI). We have become a partner in both the SIRIUS and the EXPOSED research centres.

Both SFIs start in early 2015. As partners we have a budget of NOK 16 million over 8 years from both of them, in total NOK 32 million over 8 years.


The Center for Scalable Data Access in the Oil & Gas Domain (SIRIUS) aims to develop novel technologies to reduce the time needed to extract and exploit information from enormous data stores by several orders of magnitude.

Researchers working for SIRIUS will be Professors Svein Erik Bratsberg and Svein Olav Hvasshovd who will establish an Open Source Lab. Professor Eric Monteiro will be focusing on prototyping, gathering user requirements and mapping of work processes in Statoil Exploration and ConocoPhilips Operations.

In SIRIUS, researchers from the University of Oslo, NTNU and the University of Oxford will work together with experienced IT companies and oil companies to develop new technologies in order to solve these data access problems.


The main objective of the EXPOSED center is to develop knowledge and technologies for EXPOSED aquaculture operations, enabling a sustainable expansion of the fish farming industry.

From our department professors Helge Langseth and Agnar Aamodt will be joining the research effort of the center.Their research will focus on data mining and experience-based decision support to assess system states. The artificial intelligence based approach will drive the scheduling and performance of important operations.

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 04.12.2014     
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