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Robot War in the Classroom

Robot War in the Classroom

On Monday the grand finale of the robot contest took place at Gløshaugen. The 250 students taking the first-year programming lab courses (IT1501 and TDT4112) had gathered to settle the scores.

The students competed in two classes: 1) the autonomous class where the robots had to find and fight their opponents on their own, and 2) the piloted class where the students piloted their robot via bluetooth from a smartphone app they had developed.

The actual robot fighting part of the contest started last week when the 57 teams began duelling to qualify for the finale in the lecture on Monday.

This is the first time the programming lab courses have been taught at NTNU, and the first time robot competitions have been used to encourage students to learn both hardware and software skills. Professor Dag Svanæs says he is very impressed with the enthusiasm, the skills and the creativity of the first-year students.

Photos from the robot contest at Flickr.

Finalists of the robot contest, Photo

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 10.03.2015     
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