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Celebrating Professor Reidar Conradi

Celebrating Professor Reidar Conradi

On Wednesday 3. June we gathered to celebrate Professor Reidar Conradi. Many of his former PhD candidates and external collaborators join us in the celebration of him and his work. 

The celebration marked the end of an era. Reidar Conradi was the last of the "Gang of Four" to leave us. The "Gang of Four" were the department's founding fathers. So thank you Reidar Conradi, Kjell Bratbergsengen, Arne Sølvberg and Arne Halaas for shaping the department we love today.

Photos from the Celebration of Reidar Conradi (Flickr)


By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 11.06.2015     
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