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Disputation Hong Guo

Disputation Hong Guo

8 June, Hong Guo completed her trial lecture and thesis defence. She will eventually be awarded the PhD degree. Associate Professor Hallvard Trætteberg has supervised her PhD work at the Information Systems (IS) research group. Co-supervisor have been Professor Alf Inge Wang and Professor Maria Letizia Jaccheri.

The committee appointed to assess his thesis, trial lecture and defence consisted of; Associate Professor Anke Dittmar (University of Rostock, Germany), Associate Professor Junia Anacleto (University of British Columbia, Canada), and Professor Dag Svanæs (NTNU). Dag Svanæs was also the administrator of the assessment committee.

Hong's trial lecture was titled: User involvement in game design: To what extent is user-centred design with iterations of prototyping and evaluation used in game design?

She defended her PhD thesis:
Concepts and Modelling Techniques for Pervasive and Social Games (pdf)
Slides (pdf)

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 16.06.2015     
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