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Disputation Orestis Gkorgkas

Disputation Orestis Gkorgkas

12 June, Orestis Gkorgkas completed his trial lecture and thesis defence. He will eventually be awarded the PhD degree. Professor Kjetil Nørvåg has supervised his PhD work at the Data and Information Management (DIF) research group. Co-supervisors have been Professor Jon Atle Gulla and Senior Researcher George Tsatsaronis.

The committee appointed to assess his thesis, trial lecture and defence consisted of; Assistant Professor Demetris Zeinalipour (University of Cyprus, Cyprus), Associate Professor Katja Hose (Aalborg University, Denmark), and Associate Professor Trond Aalberg (NTNU). Trond Aalberg was also the administrator of the assessment committee.

Orestis's trial lecture was titled: Skyline Query Processing (pdf)

He defended his PhD thesis:
Database content exploration and exploratory analysis of user queries (pdf)
Slides (pdf)

Photo: Heri Ramampiaro

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 17.08.2015     
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