Phase5 on Amiga Feast 96

Wolf Dietrich was showing off their Power PC/'060 board. For demonstration purposes Wolf played an Mpeg movie in one window while in another window he used a fractal generating program. As Wolf zoomed in and out of the fractals the Power PC chip recalculated and re-drew the fractal in real-time. The Mpeg movie, being played by the '060 side never missed a beat (can you say dual processing?). Wolf went on to say that the board would be 10 to 20 x's faster than an '060 and significantly faster than a Mac running an equivalent chip.

On a side note, Phase 5 is talking to NewTek about possible ports to their Power PC board. When asked if the Power PC board would run Windows NT for the Power PC chip, Wolf replied in a Schwarzenegger accent, "we won't be getting into that our main concern is Power PC Amiga." He did imply that if someone wanted to get Windows NT up and running on their board he would not stop them.

Wolf also went over the specs for Phase 5's proposed A/Box machine. The A/Box will run an Amiga compatible 3.1 operating system. It will also run Unix and Linix, in windows directly from the Amiga compatible operating system.

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