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About the game

Here it is what you all have been waiting for:
A completely texturemapped 3D-racing game
for the Amiga!

Forget those boring "flat" 3D-racing games.
Flyin' High allow you to drive hills, tunnels,
ski-jumps and a lot more.
Flyin' High is availeble for sale NOW!
Flyin' High is provided by P.U.R.E.-Design

If you want to know more, email P.U.R.E.-Design
or go to the official Flyin' High homepage

Flyin' High is distributed by ISLONA.

Note that I don't work for P.U.R.E.-Design, but I am only
interested in their work.

PS: Read the credits and look for the name
Alf Inge Wang - yes that's me ;)

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