Downloads Flyin' High files

Here are all the files you can download regarding the game
Flyin' High. If you want to know more about the files, read
the associated readme file.

Flyin' High patch for graphicscard users (ver 1.2) FlyinHighPatch.lha FlyinHighPatch.readme
Pictures from Flyin' High (387K) Flyin-Pics.lha Flyin-Pics.readme
More pictures from Flyin' High (602K) FlyinPics2.lha FlyinPics2.readme
NEW The Demo of Flyin' High V1.05 (2.1M) FlyinHigh.lha FlyinHigh.readme
Patch V1.05 for orginal Flyin' High (80K) FlyinHighPatch.lha FlyinHighPatch.readme

Notes about the downloads

The demo

The best way to play the demo is using a gamepad. What the different buttons mean is not explained in the readme-file so here it is:
  • One of the buttons is used to accelerate the car
  • One of the buttons is used to break (slow down)
  • One of the buttons is used to activate pick up (shoot/turbo/rocket).
NOTE:To go back to main-menu during driving hold ESC-key for about 1 second.


If you've installed the full-version of Flyin'High on your harddisk, this patch to version 1.05 provides you with some new features and improvements. Overwrite the files of your Flyin'High-installation with the corresponding files out of this archive. The new features of the patch is:
  • You can select the strength of you opponents.
  • You can choose between joystick-fire and joystick-up for acceleration.
  • The Buggy is now better controlable.
  • Some minor improvements, you won't see directly.
  • Some internal changes to allow the usage of the 'Data Disks'.

Note that I don't work for P.U.R.E.-Design, but I am only
interested in their work.

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