News about Flyin' High

19.Nov.1998 Support for graphic cards
I received an email from Markus Poellmann that said that a patch to make Flyin' High compatible with graphics cards are now availeble. You can get this patch here.
15.Sept.1998 Rumors: Flyin' High 2
I've received some emails that says that Flyin' High 2 is on its way. No specifications are availeble yet.
8.Aug.1998 Datadisk 2 is on its way
Datadisk2 is on its way with more beutiful tracks for Flyin' High. Screenshots and more information will come later.
The title picture of datadisk 2 is like this.
15.dec.1997 Pictures from extra datadisks
New, great pictures from the extra datadisks are now availeble from this site now. Take a look at the five last pictures on the picture scrollbar (aren't they great ?).
2.dec.1997 New Flyin' High demo available
A new demo of Flyin' High is possible to download from here. The new demo uses the version 1.05 game-engine which provides a much better control of the car, you can select the strength of your opponents and you can choose between joystick-fire and joystick-up for acceleration. There are also some other changes.
If you thought the stearing in Flyin' High was terrible, take a look at this demo. It is much better!
14.nov.1997 Title picture of Datadisks
If you want to see the title picture of the Datadisks click here.
13.nov.1997 More information about datadisks
The development-squad of FLYIN'HIGH has now released an Update for the game which fixes the most frequent complained details, especially the car steering, which is now much easier to handle. This patch is available here and can be installed easily.
The FLYIN'HIGH-Datadisks contain two completely new designed worlds (Lava, Space) with 10 Levels to race. Also in this pack, you`ll find new music modules and the FLYIN'HIGH-Patch which we recommend to install.
The Datadisks are available for a recommended selling-price of DM 29,95 at:
APC&TCP, Dorfstr. 17, 83236 Uebersee, Germany
Or check your local dealer!
12.nov.1997 New patch availeble
A patch for the Flyin' High is now availeble. More information about this patch can be found here
10.nov.1997 Data Disks
Now available at APC&TCP: the data-disks for Flyin'High with two new worlds 'Lava' and 'Space'!
19.jun.1997 Flyin' High will be distributed by ISLONA.
18.jun.1997 Code is compleded
The code for Flyin' High is now completed. Now PURE-design is fine-tuning the game to make the playability best possible.
The game will be released in the beginning of July!
One sad thing is that the 2-Player-Option via Null-Modem-cable was dropped. However a new multiplayer-mode for playing this game on one machine is introduced. Now maximum 4 Players can play simultanious by using +2-Joystick-adapter in the parallel-port. More players will of course demand more power from your computer. A 2-player game on a 68030 50MHz will give a reasonable framerate. Playing with 4 players on a 68060 is really impressive.
A special Construction Kit might be released after a while too!

Note that I don't work for P.U.R.E.-Design, but I am only
interested in their work.

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