System Requirements

Machine: Amiga 1200/Amiga 4000 (or compatible with those)
Processor: At least MC68020
Graphics: AA-Chipset or graphics card (patch availeble here
Memory: 4MB Fastram / 8MB for graphics card version.
Harddrive At least 16MB free
Control: Joystick


CDROM: At least 2x (can be played both from
harddrive and CDROM)
Processor: MC68030-MC68060 (for more speed)
Control: Joypad, 2-button joystick,
+2-Joystick-adapter in the parallel-port

How the game plays

The fun starts at MC68030 running with 30MHz.
Note that this game has gamepad support. One of the
buttons can be used to accelerate, one to break and
one to shoot other cars. (The best way of controlling
the car is with gamepad). In four player mode, a fast
processor is required (MC68040 or MC68060). The game
has different screen resolutions for different CPU's.

Note that I don't work for P.U.R.E.-Design, but I am only
interested in their work.

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