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Review of the Flyin'High

This is a full review of the driving experience Flyin' High.

The game comes with 20 tracks with different themes and difficulty: City, Jungle, Forrest and Snow. A track-editor and more tracks will be availeble later. The tracks have up- and downhills, tunnels, obsticles, Turbo-bonus, rockets, money, and great scenary. After each track you can buy faster engine, turbo-boost, better tiers, rockets etc..

Graphics (75%)

The graphics in Flyin' High is very nice and smooth. You don't get the impression of driving in a real environment, but it is kind of a cartoon environment. The scenery has a lot of colour and is nice to look at. The car you drive is ok to look at, but not great. It is not so easy to see if you drive forwards or backwards. What makes Flyin' High so great compared to other similar car-games, is that the tracks has hills, jumps etc.

The speed of the graphics engine is good. On my A1200-030 I have to reduce the screeen to 160x128 to get a smooth ride. You can also play fullscreen 2x2 very smooth, but the graphics will then get more pixelated. If you have a faster processor, you can play the game fullscreen 1x1 320x256 (I must buy me an 68060!). You can also drive four player at the same time at one machine (this will be 4 time 160x120 screens), or 2 or 3 players. The smoothness of the game can also be ajusted by ajusting the depth vision. If you choose to render with high depth, the framerate will drop a bit (not much though).

In the beginning of the game and between new tracks you will see rendered animations. These are smooth and look great. The only sad thing here is they are maybe a bit too short.

The menu screen has also ok graphics and show a garage with a car.

There are some failures of the track design that let the game down. Some tracks have curves that are too compressed. When driving fast this really look silly. The same goes for some of the jumps that makes the screen jump up and down really fast (terrible to look at).

All in all the graphics in Flyin' High is probably the best textured mapped graphics showed on Amiga in a driving game.

Sound and effects (60%)

The sound in Flyin' High is ok, but not great. You have some speech, engine sounds and craching sounds. The music is good in the game, but not great. You get tired of it after some laps and you can turn it off. All in all ok sound, but nothing spectacular.

Playability (75%)

In the orginal game of Flyin' High, the car was really hard to control. The car did not react when you moved the joystick. If you crashed into the wall, you had to really work hard to get the car on the road again because of this bad control of the car.
Now I have played the game with the patch installed (ver 1.05) and the car gets much easier to control. The control of the car is still not perfect, but it is not so bad either. If you have Flyin' High, you must download the patch today and install it (it will be another game). If you buy the game now, you will probably get the new version of it (with the patch included).

Lastability (70%)

Flyin' High contains 20 tracks with different difficulty and different themes. You can drive in a city, a jungle, a forrest and in snow. You can also buy different thing to your car (weapons, turbo-boost etc). You can choose three different driving modes. First you can drive a ordinary CUP. Here you just fight for points. You have the speed cup where you must try to get new lap records and you have practice where you can drive any of the tracks. What I really miss in this game is an arcade mode, where you must drive within a certain time-limit or it will be game over. This mode would make the game playable much longer in my opinion.

Another nice feature with the game is that you can play 1-4 players. For my 68030 Amiga 2 players mode is ok, but 3 or 4 players will cause a very slow framerate. If you have a 68060 I guess 4 player mode must be great !

Now you can buy additional tracks and maybe a track-editor will be released too in the future.

Conclusion (70%)

It is probably the best driving game released on Amiga on a long time. This means that the game is not perfect but it's good.

Review of Flyin'High extra datadisks

Installation (90%)

As you probably know, a set of datadisks has been released for Flyin' High. This datadisks contain a patch of the game, new music and 10 new tracks. The patch will update Flyin' High to version 1.05. This patch will let you choose the strength of your opponents, choose method for acceleration, make it much easier to control your car and some other minor improvements.

To install the datadisks, you simply use Amiga's installer tool and choose where you have installed the game. Note that you have to install the game on harddrive to use these datadisks. The installation procedure is very easy and takes only a couple of minutes.

Patch (80%)

The patch included in the datadisks makes Flyin'High a much more playable game. The control of the car gets much better (about time), you can choose to use the button the accelerate, and you can choose the strength of your opponents. All these improvements should have been included into the version 1.0, but as long as you can buy the datadisk or download this file from Aminet I guess it's ok.
If you buy new versions of the game, the new patch will be included.

Music (85%)

The new music tracks included on the datadisks are great ! The first thing you notice is when you are on the menu-screen, a very nice funky melody plays for you (the instruments are very real). You can also notice that the game has 2 new track tunes. One is a dance-track that is fearly ok, and the other one is a great rock tune.

Graphics (80%)

The 10 new tracks included on the datadisks are of varying quality. There are 5 tracks with a vulcanic style graphics and 5 tracks with a space style graphics. The vulcan tracks are ok but not great (at least I think so). The palette is very redish and the graphics seams a bit pixelated. The space tracks are however FANTASTIC!. I was so amazed when I looked at my screen. Is this really an Amiga game I thought. I have to admit that I have a Sony Playstation at home, but the graphics on these space tracks brought me back to the Playstation feel of graphics. WOW ! This is probably the best driving-graphics-experience you'll ever get. If the graphics on the vulcanic levels have been better I would have given 95% on the graphics of these tracks, but the vulcanic tracks are ok but not that great (compared to the space tracks).

Conclusion (85%)

The datadisks for Flyin' High is worth the price. You will get 10 new interesting tracks and 5 of them are GREAT! You will also get 3 new musical tunes and general game improvements. I really hope that a lot of other tracks will be released in the future.

Note that I don't work for P.U.R.E.-Design, but I am only
interested in their work.

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