Recent update of the Flyin' High webpages

This webpage presents a history of updates to the Flyin' High
webpages. Every little change to the webpages will be described
19.Nov.1998 Updated News, Download and Requirements
15.dec.1997 New pictures added to this webpage
2.dec.1997 New Flyin' High demo (V. 1.05)
1.dec.1997 News-groups added on links page
1.dec.1997 Review of the Flyin' High extra datadisks is available.
18.nov.1997 The review of Flyin' High is now availeble.
13.nov.1997 This Flyin' High website was updated
13.nov.1997 Temporary review of Flyin' High added
12.nov.1997 New Flyin' High webpages were created !

Note that I don't work for P.U.R.E.-Design, but I am only
interested in their work.

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