General information

My first computer

I started my interest in computers early (when I was about 9-10 years,
(in 1979 homecomputers was not a commen thing in Norway)). When I was
15 years old I bought my first own homecomputer, a Commodore
64. After a while I also bought a diskdrive to my C64. I used this
computer mostly for games, but also for some programming and producing
music. My most exiting project was to produce a digital drum system
with own produced drum-pads. When I was 17 years old I have to sell my
Commodore 64 to finance a trip to the USA. I got infact as much as I
had paid for the computer (the situation is not the same today). At
this time I had a couple of friends that had an Amiga and this was the
dream-machine that I could not afford.

My second computer

I started to study microelectronics at the Collage of Engineering in
Trondheim in 1991. One of the the first thing I did when I got the
grant for studying, was to my an Amiga 500. I wanted to use this
computer for producing music by connecting it to a
MIDI-keyboard. After a while I started to use my Amiga to other
things: games, programming, textprocessing, graphics, multimedia
etc... My A500 help me with most things until 1994. I needed some more
power and I bought an A1200-030 MHz. This was really an huge step in
speed and graphic presentation. This is the computer I use today for
allmost everything. I have also started to surf the web from home and
read emails. I have internet-connection at work, but it is still nice
to be able to do it from home.

My third computer

My wife has been using my A500 at work the last couple of years, but I
wanted to be more satisfied: I bought her an A3000. She is currently
using this at work (mostly for wordprocessing), but her boss is
insisting on starting to use a MSPC. I guess I will place the A3000 to
use it at work (I also have an PC, but for a lot of things the Amiga
is much better). When I want to do simple things with bitmap pictures
I have to do this at home these days. All the PC'programs I have tried
for drawing bitmap images is not good enough. Things I use 5 minutes
to do in DPaint 4 AGA, I use 30 minutes with PC'programs (and the
result is much worse).