CHAT main window

CHAT main window is used to start all CHAT sub-tools. Most tools are executed from the drop-down menu, but there are also other ways of starting tools. CHAT main window consists of four main parts (from the top of the window to the bottom respectively): The following sections will describe each part of the main window.

The drop-down menus

The drop-down menu consists of the following sub-menus and menu-items: If you choose one of the above menu-items, a dialog window will pop-up where you may enter needed information etc. A further description of each function can be found my choosing File:Help.
Note that some of the menu-items in the Message and Component menu must be combined with a highlighted item in the Message-browser and Component-browser respectively.

The text-fields

The text-fields in the CHAT main window is used to show the user current workspace and subsystem, and easy move to other workspaces and subsystems. If you want to change workspace, you simply write the workspace path and press enter. If nobody is connected to the chosen workspace, you should be connected to it after a while.
If you want to change subsystem, you simply write the name of the subsystem you want to move to (you can look at the Subsystem browser below the text-fields) and press return. If you want to go to the parent subsystem, simply write ".." and press return.

The subsystem/component browser

The subsystem/component browser is divided into three parts: the Subsystem browser, the Primary Component browser and the Derived Component browser.
The Subsystem browser can be used as a subsystem navigator. If you double-click on a subsystem, you will move to this subsystem. To move to parent subsystem, choose "..".
The Primary Component browser can show components (files) in three different styles dependent of status. If a component is not checked out from the database, it is shown in roman style. If a component is checked out for read, it is shown in italic. If a component is checked out for updating, it is shown in boldface.
If you highlights a component and press the right mouse button, a pop-up menu will appear. This pop-up menu let the user easier check out/in components. If you double-click on a component that is checked out for read or updating, CHAT will execute a browser tool that makes it possible to look at the component. If the component is checked out for updating, it is also possible to edit the component.

The message browser

The message browser consists in the new version of CHAT of two message browsers: the Normal message browser and the Subscribe message browser (not shown in the picture below). The Normal message browser, shows system notifications in boldface and user messages in roman. The Subscribe message browser shows only messages regarding workspace or/and components you have subscribed. If you double-click on one message, you will get detailed information about this message. If you highlight a message and press the right mouse button, a pop-up menu will appear. From this menu you can choose to reply, save and delete the chosen message.

The picture below shows the CHAT main window:
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