Internal WEBpage for the CAGIS project

This is the internal project page for the CAGIS webpage. From this webpage you can look at internal published documents, meeting minutes, draft documents etc.

From this page you can also submit internal and draft documents. You can also submit meeting minutes (it does not work for the moment though!).

CAGIS Document Database

From this section you can access the CAGIS document database. This database is ment for internal use. Later on there will be a similar database for external web-publications. If you have questions in how to use the interface, send an email to the author of CAGIS document database.

Note about where to store documents on the ~cagis

All CAGIS documents that you want to store on the cagis disk, should be stored under the directory: ~cagis/public_html/documents/. This directory contains several sub-directories where you can put your document. The structure of this directory is: This structure is only proposed and can change as time evolves.

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