R E C E N T - U P D A T E S

February 1998
20.Updated PPC-card information
11.Updated PPC-card information
2.Phase'5 news about PPC-cards

January 1998
20.Download Bars&Pipes from here
15.Updated my Abox page
9.Syntax WHQ link added
5.Updated my Abox page
5.Added an introduction to Bars&Pipes

December 1997
1.Updated Flyin' High homepage

November 1997
13.New Flyin' High homepage

October 1997
27.Win a PowerPC card
3. My Amiga hardware webpage
2. Take a look at my banners
1. My Amiga page was linked into Amiga Ring
1. Added webpage for game releases

September 1997
30. More news about PowerUP from Phase5
30. Haage&Partner is attacking Phase5's PowerUp program
15. PPC Software
8. PowerUp productions starts

August 1997
9. Added more pictures to ABOX-webpage

June 1997
9. Created a new webpage: Phoenix
9. Added link to Phoenix
5. Added Sezam jumpage
4. Added WorkBench NG link
4. Updated Flyin' High page with some news

May 1997
12. Updated A\Box page with link to Power-up homepage
Being to busy to do any web-work (traveling to Boston etc...)

April 1997
30. Updated Learn about Amiga link
29. Added a link to Gateway 2000
28. Added Amiga Racing games web page
19. Adding recent release information about Flyin' High
14. Adding pictures webpage of A\Box

Mars 1997
19. Created a Visitor overview !
19. Updated my A\Box webpage
15. Updated the Flyin' High page (now with updated gfx-engine)

February 1997
18. Comparison between A\Box and Pentium MMX
17. Updated the Flyin' High page (now with download demo)
11. Amiga Newsgroups
11. Updated some data about A\Box

January 1997
31. Korg X Patch Manager for Amiga
31. Lava - New flexible language for several platforms
27. Flyin' High - Amiga texturemapped racing game

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