Amiga Jeopardy

I have used a couple of months to make an Amiga version of Jeopardy. The opening screen of the game looks like this:

To play the game you must have an Amiga
(A500,A600,A1000,A1200,A1500,A2000,A3000 or A4000) and the special
button controller, a harddrive and 1MB of RAM.
The game contains different kinds of questions, sounds for identifying
each player, sounds for indentifying correct/wrong answer, time out
etc. This Jeopardy game works for three players and one person must be
the judge. The judge have to choose if an answer is correct or wrong,
and (s)he might also read the question loud. The game consists of two
gameboards and an additional bonus game at the end of the game.
The gameboard looks like the picture below:

If you have comments or question assosiated with this game, please
feel free to email me at at any time.

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