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The Korg X5D, with its great sounds, professional qualities and visionary functions, offers everything you would expect from a first-class synthesizer. It's very easy to operate though, and is therefore an ideal instrument for synthesizer-newbies. Compared to the competitors in his range, the X5D outperforms them all.

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General Korg links
Korg Zone
Music Mart Pro - Korg

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Korg X5 links
Korg Zone
X5D homepage in Belgium
X5 homepage in the US
Korgy Park (Finland)
Another X5D homepage in the US
The best X5 editor for Amiga

New X5 librarian cancelled

I am now working on a new X5 librarian for Amiga. After I have tried all the librarian for X5 availeble for Amiga, I found that there is not one librarian that is good enough. Therfor I decided to create my own. I don't have any demo yet, because I am in the early stage of this project. As soon I have something that is presentable, I will release a demo of the program. I haven't decided whether the program will be a general librarian or not. Maybe the program will be a shareware program, and maybe it will be free. Time will show.

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Other Korg links
Korx X2 and X3
Korg X3-Page
Korg X3 software
Korg X3 Music Workstation

MIDI Software
MIDIQuest Universal Editor/Librarian
Midi software
GM-Midi player for Amiga
Bjoern's Midipage
Octamed Homepage


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